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Lofoten surf tote bags

Lofoten surf tote bags

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Cold water surfing in Lofoten, north of the Arctic Circle, is a wonderful nature-based experience. Far out at sea, you will discover the Lofoten archipelago like an arm from the mainland. The storms in the Norwegian Sea hit the coast at regular intervals, which produces good surfing waves. Surfing in the middle of the winter is exotic - the air temperature is below freezing, there is snow on the ground, and it can be down to 4-5 °C in the water.

Lofoten's famous surf spots are printed on a heavy cotton canvas bag, with the text Lofoten printed on the back.

The bags are made of 100 % recycled cotton, and the measurements of the bags are: 39 cm x 49 cm, shoulder strap 38 cm.

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