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Skandinavisk ØY Hand Wash 450ml

Skandinavisk ØY Hand Wash 450ml

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[’øːʏ] Norwegian for ‘island’. A life surrounded by water. Open your senses to the calming scents of island life and feel refreshed by a different pace of life. Hundreds of thousands of uninhabited islands glitter like stars upon the lakes and seas of Scandinavia, inviting explorers to pull up and rest for a while.

Make your regular hand cleansing routine a responsible one. This hand wash cleanses and moisturizes, cares and protects all skin types and is packaged safely inside a recyclable bioplastic bottle. Just pump once into the palm, lather with the hands, and rinse.

Scent notes: crabapple and dog rose, water mosses and green leaves.

Made in Denmark

* 43% organic ingredients including water, 64% organic ingredients excluding water.

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