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Skandinavisk REGN Scented Candle

Skandinavisk REGN Scented Candle

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[’reη:n] Scandinavian for ‘rain’ Rain feeds the green hills and the flowing waterfalls of Scandinavia. This popular fragrance REGN takes you to the verdant mountains and orchards of the region. Open your senses to nature and feel revived by the refreshing scent of Nordic rain. 

A perfume and Swedish rapeseed wax blend in painted glass with a pure cotton wick and engraved beechwood lid. The local Swedish rapeseed wax is sustainably farmed, traceable and non-GMO for the lowest environmental impact.

Place the candle on the lid when lit to help protect from sensitive surfaces, and as a snuffer to extinguish the flame. Painted glass is designed to be reused for decoration, storage or tealights.

Scent notes: wet grass and misted peony, damp earth and slippery rocks.

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