Embracing the polar nights in Lofoten – a magical time above the Arctic Circle


Lofoten, a cluster of islands located above the Arctic Circle in Norway, is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes and unique natural phenomena. While the region is a year-round destination for travelers seeking adventure, one of the most enchanting times to visit is during the polar nights. In this blog, we'll explore the wonder of the polar nights in Lofoten, the mesmerizing phenomena that occur during this time, and the cozy experiences it offers to those who venture into this Arctic paradise.

The phenomenon of polar nights

Polar nights, a remarkable natural phenomenon, occur in regions within the polar circles when the sun remains below the horizon for an extended period. In Lofoten, this means that from early December to the beginning of January, the islands experience a unique twilight period, where the sun never fully rises. Instead, the region is enveloped in a dreamlike state of perpetual dawn and dusk, creating an otherworldly atmosphere.

Cotton Candy Skies and the Blue Hour

One of the most captivating aspects of the polar nights in Lofoten is the breathtaking display of colors in the sky. The skies are often adorned with hues of pink, purple, and orange, reminiscent of cotton candy. This enchanting phenomenon paints the landscape with a surreal and almost magical quality, making it a photographer's dream.

Another cherished moment during the polar nights is the "blue hour." Occurring twice a day, this short but exquisite period is characterized by a deep, intense blue hue that bathes the surroundings in a serene and ethereal light. Whether you're strolling along the coastline or gazing out from your cozy cabin, the blue hour offers a chance to immerse yourself in the tranquility of this unique time.

"Color time" instead of "Dark time"

While many places might refer to this period as the "dark time," the people of Lofoten have a different perspective. They often affectionately call it "color time" because of the stunning and vibrant hues that adorn the sky during the polar nights. It's a time to revel in the beauty of nature's palette, appreciating the vivid and ever-changing colors that grace the Arctic horizon.

Cozy moments and northern lights

With the polar nights comes a sense of coziness that is unrivaled. Locals and visitors alike light candles, snuggle up with a good book and enjoy warm beverages in the comfort of their homes or traditional fisherman's cabins. It's a time to savor the simple joys of life and embrace the hygge spirit that permeates the region.

Additionally, the polar nights provide a unique opportunity to spy for the elusive Northern Lights. While the sky remains dark during this time, the chances of witnessing the Aurora Borealis are enhanced. The clear, unpolluted skies create the perfect backdrop for this breathtaking celestial show.

Hiking in the polar nights

Hiking is still possible during the polar nights, but it's advisable to plan your excursions during the limited daylight hours. Equipped with warm clothing and a headlamp, you can explore the stunning landscapes without the crowds that typically gather in the warmer months. The serene silence and captivating views make winter hiking in Lofoten a truly memorable experience.


Visiting Lofoten during the polar nights is a unique and magical experience that immerses you in the mesmerizing beauty of the Arctic. From the enchanting cotton candy skies and the serene blue hour to the cozy moments by the fire and the chance to witness the Northern Lights, this time of year offers a sense of wonder that's truly unparalleled. So, embrace the "color time" of Lofoten and let its ethereal charm captivate your senses, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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