Reinebringen hike: A challenging climb to a stunning vista


Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of the Lofoten Islands in Norway, the Reinebringen hike is an adventure that promises unparalleled views but demands both caution and preparation. Offering one of the world's most fantastic vistas, this trail is an exhilarating journey for hikers who are up for the challenge. In this blog, we will delve into what makes the Reinebringen hike so special, the precautions to take, and tips to ensure a safe and memorable experience.

The sherpa stairs

One of the unique features of the Reinebringen hike is the Sherpa stairs, a testament to human determination in the face of daunting terrain. These stone stairs, consisting of 1978 steps, help hikers navigate the steep ascent with greater ease. As you ascend, you'll be grateful for these stairs, as they make the climb both more manageable and safer.

Not recommended in bad weather or winter

It's essential to consider the weather conditions before embarking on the Reinebringen hike. The trail is not recommended during bad weather, as slippery and treacherous conditions can make the ascent dangerous. Additionally, it's wise to avoid this hike during the winter months when ice and snow can further complicate the terrain.

Crowds and timing

Reinebringen is a popular hike, and it can get quite crowded during normal hiking times. To enjoy a more serene experience, consider choosing a time outside of the usual peak hours. Early mornings or late afternoons and evenings can provide a quieter and more peaceful trek to the summit, allowing you to fully absorb the beauty of the surroundings.

Prepare for rapid weather changes

The weather in Lofoten can change rapidly, so it's crucial to be prepared. Always bring enough water, extra clothing layers, and waterproof gear. Even on a sunny day, it's wise to be equipped for sudden temperature drops or rain showers that are common in this region.

Footwear matters

The safety of your hike largely depends on appropriate footwear. Sandals or flip-flops are not recommended for the Reinebringen hike. Sturdy and supportive hiking boots, or running shoes, with good traction will ensure stability and protect your feet during the steep climb.

Not ideal for kids, dogs, or fear of heights

Reinebringen is not the best hike for children or dogs, as it involves steep and challenging sections. Additionally, if you're afraid of heights, this hike can be quite demanding due to its exposed nature. Consider your physical fitness and comfort with heights before undertaking this adventure.

Parking at the Lofotodden National Park visitor center

The best place to park for the Reinebringen hike is at the visitor center for Lofotodden National Park in Reine. From there, you can easily access the trailhead and receive valuable information about the hike and the region.

No drones allowed

It's important to note that flying drones during the hike or at the summit of Reinebringen is strictly prohibited. There have been accidents in the area, and this rule is in place for the safety of all hikers. Additionally, the hike is adjacent to the border of Lofotodden National Park, where drone usage is forbidden.


The Reinebringen hike in the Lofoten Islands is a challenging but immensely rewarding adventure that offers some of the most breathtaking views in the world. However, it's crucial to be prepared, cautious, and considerate of safety rules and regulations. By choosing the right time, wearing appropriate gear, and respecting the environment, you can make the most of this unforgettable journey and savor the stunning vistas that await you at the summit.

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